First Kill All the Doctors

First Kill All the Doctors
© Katie Law Goodwin, January, 2015 from
When I wrote First Kill All the Lawyers: In Pro Per (Balboa Press, March 2014), I figured most people would understand the reference to the famous quote from Shakespeare from Henry VI, Part II.
But I have loved using a mash-up from that quote for my second book: First Kill All the Doctors.
Contempt prior to investigation is a very alienating stance. How is it, then, that some people choose not to even examine my book due to its title, which often alienates them from the possibility of even finding out that the book is not about hating lawyers? And little do they know – or seem to want to know – that Shakespeare did not hate lawyers or even condemn them, much less literally kill the?
Rather than provide a defense for something which needs no defense, I decided to begin my second book and use the premise of the first: let people rush to judge and then find out for themselves what is true, or not true.
So, the second book takes as a premise that one can combine one’s inner healer alongside a physician in the case of a difficult or unremitting disease; that it is possible and surely necessary to activate one’s inner wisdom and natural healing capacity if and when one becomes ill – to couple this with the wisdom, technology and healing potentials of Western medicine in order to create the best shot possible going forward.
And I choose not to spend much time in the dismal reporting of statistics: Up to 75% of all American deaths are iatrogenic. Is that really possible? The third largest killer of us all – at least in hospitals and during medical “care” is physician induced? Let’s go for what works, not for what doesn’t work!
So, in First Kill All the Lawyers, I advocate strongly for going one’s own way in civil court during a divorce process. I respect the law and used that respect for my own good during my nearly two years in civil court, representing myself.
And in First Kill All the Doctors I advocate listening to one’s own wisdom then proceeding with gentle inner strength to a healing path only an individual can possibly decide for themselves. And, like my first book, this book is irreverent, funny, and (mostly) true. And my own journey with diseases is really something!
Just like one needs a good lawyer for a criminal case, one needs a good physician for a difficult disease.
But ultimately we are left to rely on our own wisdom, something many of us forgot we had due to the intense marketing of fear.
Check back for chapters in the weeks to come….!


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